University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
CS551: Security and Privacy on the Internet, Fall 2000


This calendar is subject to change. Reading assignments outside the textbook are not included. Class manifests contain details on the reading assignments and topics.

Introduction and Background
Wednesday, 30 August Lecture 1: Introduction, History of Cryptography, Monoalphabetic Substitution Cipher and Cryptanalysis
Out: Problem Set 1 - Security Principles, Jefferson Wheel, One-Time Pad; Project Ideas
Due (Thursday, 31 August): Problem Set 0 - Survey
Symmetric Ciphers
Monday, 4 September Lecture 2: Shannon Principles; Polyalphabetic Ciphers: Vigenere
Read before class: Stallings Ch 1 & 2; Feynman, "Safecracker Meets Safecracker"
Wednesday, 6 September Lecture 3: Enigma, Intro to Block Ciphers - Feistel
Read before: Ch 3
Monday, 11 September Lecture 4: DES Details and Attacks; Modes of Operation; Triple DES
Due: Problem Set 1
Read before: Ch 4
Wednesday, 13 September Lecture 5: Clipper; AES Candidates
Out: Problem Set 2
Public-Key Cryptography
Monday, 18 September Lecture 6: Key Exchange
Read before: Ch 6
Due: Preliminary Project Topic Proposal
Wednesday, 20 September Lecture 7: RSA, number theory behind RSA
Read before: reread Ch 6.2
Monday, 25 September Lecture 8: Security of RSA
Read before: Ch 7
Wednesday, 27 September Lecture 9: Hashing, Digital Signatures
Read before: Ch 8, 9.1, 9.2
Due: Problem Set 2
Out: Problem Set 3 - Public-Key Cryptosystems
Cryptography Applications
Monday, 2 October Lecture 10: Guest lecture by Paco Hope (Chain Mail, Inc.)
Read before: Ch 12
Wednesday, 4 October Lecture 11: Authentication: passwords, SSH Read before: Ch 12.1, 14.2, 14.3
Due: Project Proposals
Monday, 9 October Lecture 12: Randomness; Digital Cash
Read before: Papers, see manifest
Wednesday, 11 October Lecture 13: Factoring
Due: Problem Set 3
Quantum Cryptography
Monday, 16 October Lecture 14: Quantum Cryptography, Visual Cryptography
Wednesday, 18 October Midterm - Covers PS1-3, Lectures 1-13, Readings through Lecture 13
Monday, 23 October Fall Break
System Security
Wednesday, 25 October Lecture 15: System Security Principles, Access Control, Capabilities
Malicious Code
Monday, 30 October Lecture 16: Malicious Code - Morris Worm, Melissa, ILoveYou; Defenses; Trick-or-Treat Protocols
Wednesday, 1 November Lecture 17: Malcode Countermeasures: Reference Monitors
Monday, 6 November Lecture 18: Java; Voting
Intrusion Detection
Wednesday, 8 November Guest Lecture by Chenxi Wang
Due: Project Progress Reports (by email 10 November)
Monday, 13 November Lecture 19: Proof-Carrying Code
Wednesday, 15 November Guest Lecture by Gary McGraw
Out: Problem Set 4 - Malicious Code, Web Security
Monday, 20 November Lecture 20: Firewalls and Intrusion Detection
Wednesday, 22 November Thanksgiving
Monday, 27 November Lecture 21: Government spying, Anonymity
Wednesday, 29 November Project Presentations
Due: Problem Set 4
Monday, 4 December Project Presentations
Wednesday, 6 December Security Jeapordy: Who wants to be a Quadrillionaire?
Due: Project Reports
Out: Take-home Final

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CS 551: Security and Privacy on the Internet
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