The US was already eliminated after the Iran result, so it was a bit hard to get overly excited for this game. The US played decently, and created some good chances. The main positive was Frankie Heyduk played well enough in this game (and against Germany), to get a contract with Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

FIFA Match Report

They imported several tons of sand and set up a beach in the middle of Nantes. We played a pick-up beach soccer game, US vs. the rest of the World. The score was something like US 5, France 3, England 4, Mexico 2, Holland 2, Scotland 1. Unfortunately, all the other contries were on the same team, so we didn't to much to enhance the reputation of the US as a football power.

Everywhere we went we were interviewed by the press, both American and international. Here, a reporter from an American paper is asking us if we think this should be Steve Sampson's last game as coach.

Earlier, I was interviewed in French by a Nantes TV station. We were also seen on the ABC intro to the US/Germany game, and in an article in the USA Today.

The stadium was set up so you could walk right along the touchline before the game started and watch and listen to the players warm up.

Remember, its not the size of the flag that counts, its what you do with it.
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