This is the course website for CS 4780: Information Retrieval.

In this course, we will start with the basics of modern search engine architecture, and then focus on exploring the cutting-edge solutions in information retrieval problems, including query understanding, mining and modeling search activities, interactive search, mobile search, learning to rank, user interaction based evaluation, question answering, privacy, recommendation, and personalization.

We will use Introduction to Information Retrieval as our text book. But as this is a fast emerging field, new research problems and solutions come up everyday, most of our time should be spent on the latest publications in the community of information retrieval, including conferences of SIGIR, CIKM, WWW and WSDM, and journals of TOIS and Information Retrieval Journal.

Formula for being successful in this course: read more papers, ask more questions, and challenge what you have been told!

Instructor: Hongning Wang
TA: Nan Wang
Lecture time and place: Tuesday/Thursday 2:00pm-3:15pm, Online
Contact Info: Piazza
Class Calendar: Google Calendar
Office Hour: Please make your office hour requests ahead of time; and we will send you the zoom link.
- Hongning Wang: Tuesday/Thursday 3:30pm-4:30pm, online via zoom;
- Nan Wang: Monday/Wednesday 1pm-2pm, online via zoom


December 6: Welcome to CS 4780 "Information Retrieval"!

Feburary 11: Lecture slides for "Intorduction to Information Retrieval" have been uploaded!

Feburary 12: Reading assignment 1 is now official and it is due by Feb. 26th, 11:59pm.

Feburary 16: Lecture slides for "Basic search engine architecture" have been uploaded!

Feburary 23: Lecture slides for "Crawler and Text Analysis" have been uploaded!

March 1: Lecture slides for "Inverted Index and Query processing" have been uploaded!

March 4: MP1 is now official and it is due on March 19th, 11:59pm.

March 5: Lecture slides for "Classic IR evaluations" have been uploaded!

March 23: Lecture slides for "Modern Retrieval Evaluations" have been uploaded!

March 30: Lecture slides for "Boolean and Vector Space Model" have been uploaded!

April 10: Lecture slides for "Probabilistic Ranking Principle" have been uploaded!

April 14: Reading assignment 2 is now official and it is due by Apr. 24th, 11:59pm.

April 25: Lecture slides for "Language Models" have been uploaded!

April 29: MP3 is now official and it is due on May 14th, 11:59pm. This assignment is a group-assignment: one report per group.

May 4: Lecture slides for all the rest chapters have been uploaded.