Focused Research Areas

Joint Analysis of Text and Behavior Data

Build probabilistic generative models for unifying the analyses of the latent structures and correspondence in human-generated text data and behavior data to get a comprehensive understanding of users' underlying intents. Read More

collaborative information seeking

Task-based Online Interactive Decision Optimization

Organize users' longitudinal information seeking activities into tasks, and develop online learning algorithms to proactively infer users intents and dynamically adapt the systems from interactions with humans for long-term optimality. Read More

collaborative residential home energy breakdown

Immediately Scalable Sensing in Buildings

Estimate the sensor data of one building based on sensor data collected in other buildings. The basic premise is that common design and construction patterns for buildings create a repeating structure in their sensor data. Read More

Automatic Metadata Mapping for Scalable Building Analytics

Create a suite of automated mapping solutions that will allow an analytics engine to quickly connect to and analyze the data from an unfamiliar building. This research enables building analytics to be applied at scale. Read More

privacy protection in information service systems

Privacy-Preserving Personalization

Provide meaningful privacy guarantees by obfuscating users' search behaviors via probabilistic generative models, and develop algorithmic methods to evaluate the cost and privacy benefits of different obfuscation techniques. Read More

Team Members

Our group is comprised of graduate, undergradaute, and visiting researchers in computer science. We collaborate with researchers from institutes and universities worldwide on various projects.

Hongning Wang

Assistant Professor
since 2014

Lin Gong

Ph.d. candidate
since 2013

Qingyun wu

Ph.d. candidate
since 2014

Huazheng Wang

Ph.d. candidiate
since 2015

Renqin Cai

Ph.d. candidate
since 2015

Yiling Jia

Ph.d. candidate
since 2016

Yuling Shi

Visiting Ph.D. scholar
since 2015

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