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Homework 6 - Bomb

Work alone

Do not share solutions or your bomb or part thereof with students or any other non-course-staff person.

You may discuss strategies and code patterns, but not specifics.

Task and Grading

You’ll use the same bomb you did for the lab. If you worked with someone else in lab, you can download your own bomb using the same bomb download site.

Credit will be awarded as follows:

Grade Criteria
80% 2 phases defused
95% 3 phases defused
98% 4 phases defused
+1% each additional phase defused
(including extra credit if you get more than 6 phases)

If you have more than 20 explosions, we will remove points.

There is no submission needed besides running the bomb and typing the correct inputs, which will update the scoreboard which will be used to populate the gradebook after the HW closes.

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