Former Students

David Whalley

David Whalley is E. P. Miles Professor of Computer Science at Florida State University and a FSU Distinguished Research Professor.

Dissertation: EASE: An Environment for Architcture Study and Experimentation
Date: 1990

Ann Holler

Anne Holler is at VMware.

Dissertation: Effects of Subprogram Inlining
Date: 1991

Manuel Benitez

Manuel Benitez is at Google.

Dissertation: Retargetable Optimizing Compilers
Date: 1994

Sanjay Jinturkar

Sanjay Jinturkar was at Sandbridge Technologies. If anyone knows where Janjay is now, please let me know using the Contact Me link below.

Dissertation: Data-specific Optimizations
Date: 1996

Bruce Childers

Bruce Childers is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dissertation: Custom Embedded Counterflow Pipelines
Date: 2000

Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott is the CTO of Microsoft. Prior to that Kevin was Vice President of Engineering and Operations at LinkedIn.

Dissertation Proposal: Facilitating Unnecessary Memory Reference Elimination in Low-level Program Optimizers
Date: 2000

Mark Bailey

Mark Bailey is a Professor of Computer Science at Hamilton College.

Dissertation: Design of a Machine Description Language for Retargetable Applications
Date: 2001

Christopher Milner

Christopher Milner is at SAIC.

Dissertation: Pipeline Descriptions for Retargetable Compilers: A Decoupled Approach
Date: 2001

Clark Coleman

Clark Coleman is a Senior Scientist at Zephyr Software.

Dissertation: Data Placement Optimizations for Multilevel Cache Hierarchies
Date: 2004

Jason Hiser

Jason Hiser is a Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia.

Dissertation: Effective Algorithms for Partitioned Memory Hierarchies in Embedded Systems
Date: 2005

Dan Williams

Dan Williams is at nVidia.

Dissertation: Persistent Storage for Metadata
Date: 2012

Sudeep Ghosh

Sudeep Ghosh is at Microsoft.

Dissertation: Software Protection via Composable Virtual Machines
Date: 2013

Tanima Dey

Tanima Dey is at Intel.

Dissertation: ReSense: A Unified Framework for Imprvoing Performance and Reliability in Multicore Architectures
Date: 2014 (co-advised with Mary Lou Soffa)

Wei Wang

Wei Wang is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas San Antonio.

Dissertation: Addressing Processor Over-provisioning on Large-scale Multi-core Platforms
Date: 2015 (co-advised with Mary Lou Soffa)

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