Miaomiao Zhang

ECE / CS 4501 / 6501: Machine Learning in Image Analysis

Description: This course focuses on an in-depth study of advanced topics and interests in image data analysis. Students will learn practical image techniques and gain mathematical fundamentals in machine learning needed to build their own models for effective problem solving. Topics of image denoising/reconstruction, deformable image registration, numerical analysis, probabilistic modeling, data dimensionality reduction, and convolutional neural networks for image segmentation/classification will be covered. The main focus might change from semester to semester. The graduate students (ECE/CS 6501) will be given additional programming tasks and more advanced theoretical questions.

Mathematical background in linear algebra, multivariate calculus, probability and statistics, and programming skills are required in this class.

  • Class meetings: MW 3:30-4:45pm

  • Class location: Thornton E303 (lectures will be recorded and distributed online)

  • Instructor: Miaomiao Zhang (mz8rr -at- virginia.edu)

  • Teaching Assistant: Tonmoy Hossain (pwg7jb -at- virginia.edu); Jerry Xing (jx8fh -at- virginia.edu);

  • Office hours: Fridays 11am-12pm (instructor); MW 1-3pm (TA: Jerry Xing); TTh 4-6pm (TA: Tonmoy Hossain)

Lecture materials including slides and notes will be posted on UVA Collab


* Projects (3 course projects and 1 final project) (20% * 3 + 10% final project presentation + 15% final project report + 15% final project implementation)

  • No exams are required in this course.

  • All programming will be in Matlab or Python.

  • All reports must be written in LaTeX and submitted as a PDF.

Homeworks are due by midnight (11:59:59 PM) on the due date. Late penalty will be applied: 10% off (1 day), 20% off (2 days), 30% off (3 days). Late submissions are not accepted after three late days.


Date Topics Projects
Week 1
Aug 24 Course Introduction
Week 2
Aug 29 Introduction to Image Analysis and Basic Variational Methods
Aug 31 Image Denoising I: Convolution, Fourier Transformation PS1 Release
Week 3
Sep 5 Image Denoising II: Total Variation
Sep 7 Basics of Image Registration
Week 4
Sep 12 Deformable Image Registration
Sep 14 Roundtable Paper Reading and Discussion (papers will be uploaded online) PS1 Due
Week 5
Sep 19 Population studies: Fréchet mean, image atlas estimation PS2 Release
Sep 21 Image Data Dimensionality Reduction: Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Week 6
Sep 26 Nonlinear PCA methods, kernel trick
Sep 28 Roundtable Paper Reading and Discussion (papers will be uploaded online)
Week 7
Oct 3 Reading days (no class)
Oct 5 Regression Methods I PS2 Due
Week 8
Oct 10 Image Regression Methods
Oct 12 Maximum likelihood (MLE), Maximum a Posteriori (MAP) PS3 Release
Week 9
Oct 17 Bayesian Methods
Oct 19 Sampling Methods: Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Week 10
Oct 24 Image Data Augmentation / Synthesis
Oct 26 Image Classification / Segmentation I PS3 Due
Week 11
Oct 31 Image Classification / Segmentation II Final Project Release
Nov 2 Neural Networks
Week 12
Nov 7 Back propagation
Nov 9 (Variational) AutoEncoders
Week 13
Nov 14 Roundtable Paper Reading and Discussion (papers will be uploaded online)
Nov 16 Deep Neural Networks and Multitask Learning
Week 14
Nov 21 Adversarial Learning and Domain Adaptation
Nov 23 Thanksgiving break (no class)
Week 15
Nov 28 Final project presentation I
Nov 30 Final project presentation II
Week 16
Dec 5 No class - please work on your final projects
Dec 12 Final project Due


The instructor reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule, syllabus, and project deadlines. Changes will be announced early in advance.

Honor Code (Adapted from Honor Syllabus Example Statement of UVa)

I expect students in this class to fully comply with all of the provisions of the University’s Honor Code. By enrolling in this course, you are requested to abide by and uphold the Honor System of the University of Virginia and policies specific to this course by default. All suspected violations will be forwarded to the Honor Committee, and you may, at my discretion, receive an immediate zero on that assignment regardless of any action taken by the Honor Committee. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the course honor policy. If you believe you may have committed an Honor Offense, you may wish to file a Conscientious Retraction by calling the Honor Offices at (434) 924-7602. For your retraction to be considered valid, it must, among other things, be filed with the Honor Committee before you are aware that the act in question has come under suspicion by anyone. More information can be found at https:honor.virginia.edu/.

Students With Disabilities or Learning Needs

It is my goal to create a learning experience that is as accessible as possible. If you anticipate any issues related to the format, materials, or requirements of this course, please meet with me outside of class so we can explore potential options. Students with disabilities may also wish to work with the Student Disability Access Center to discuss a range of options to removing barriers in this course, including official accommodations. Please visit their website for information on this process and to apply for services online: sdac.studenthealth.virginia.edu. If you have already been approved for accommodations through SDAC, please send me your accommodation letter and meet with me so we can develop an implementation plan together.

Recording of Classroom Activities

Every lecture will be recorded to accommodate students who are not able to join in-person. These recordings can only be used for the purpose of individual or group study with students enrolled in this class during this semester. You may not distribute them in whole or in part through any other platform or to any person outside of this class, nor may you make your own recordings of this class, unless the instructor and all students who are present have been informed that recording will occur. For more details, please refer to UVA Provost Policy-008.