Nabeel Nasir

PhD Candidate in Computer Science
University of Virginia
I am a fourth year PhD candidate advised by Prof. Bradford Campbell. My research aims to democratize Edge Computing for the Internet of Things (IoT) by distributing workloads on inexpensive edge hardware, and to empower users in shared IoT environments with better control over their data privacy.


I was introduced to academic research during my master's degree at IIT Bombay. I was advised by Prof. Krithi Ramamritham and I worked in the Smart Energy Informatics Lab where we had an amazing team! We designed a sensor fusion based occupancy detection system and investigated the impact of occupancy on energy usage.

I have worked at Adobe Systems as an Android developer for the Lightroom and Photoshop Mix mobile photography apps. I've also worked at EnLite Research, a startup focused on reducing electricity usage in office spaces and improving user comfort.


Enabling Elasticity on the Edge using Heterogeneous Gateways: Poster Abstract
Nabeel Nasir and Bradford Campbell
19th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems. ACM SenSys 2021.

Untangling the Cloud from Edge Computing for IoT: PhD Forum Abstract  
Nabeel Nasir
19th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems. ACM SenSys 2021.

An Architecture for Edge Computing over Underutilized Gateways: Demo Abstract
Nabeel Nasir and Bradford Campbell
17th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems. ACM SenSys 2019.

Fusing Sensors for Occupancy Sensing in Smart Buildings
Nabeel Nasir, Kartik Palani, Amandeep Chugh, Vivek Chil Prakash, Uddhav Arote, Anand P. Krishnan, and Krithi Ramamritham
11th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology, ICDCIT 2015.

Putting Smart Meters to Work: Beyond the Usual
Kartik Palani, Nabeel Nasir, Vivek Chil Prakash, Amandeep Chugh, Rohit Gupta, and Krithi Ramamritham
5th ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems. ACM e-Energy 2014.


Apart from work, I love playing ping pong, listening to music, watching standup comedy, and reading comics and books. Some of my favorite comic artists are Lunarbaboon, Liz Climo, Mr. Lovenstein, and 157 of Gemma.