Adios UNL

I am leaving UNL to join the University of Virginia in the Fall 2018.

I have only gratitude for my colleagues and staff at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the collaborators around campus, and the students that helped me grow professionally and personally for the past 18 years.

I want to give special thanks to Steve Reichenbach for taking the risk in hiring me when I was very green, to Steve Goddard for being a great partner as we grew up academically, to Gregg Rothermel, Matt Dwyer, Myra Cohen, and Witty Srisa-an for teaming up to create an amazing software engineering group, and to Carrick Detweiler for partnering in that crazy adventure that resulted in the Nimbus Lab.

It has been a wonderful ride.

Thank you,


Sebastian Elbaum
Anita Jones Professor of Computer Science.