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In this state of the conference I want to share a short reflection about my four years as steering committee chair, some highlights of the upcoming ICSE operational guidelines, and a quick update on the next ICSEs...

The Foundations of Software Engineering Test of Time Award recognizes highly influential papers published ten years ago in ESEC or FSE. …

I am leaving UNL to join the University of Virginia in the Fall 2018. I have only gratitude to my colleagues and staff at the …

I was honored to give the UNL graduate commencement speech in December 2016. Perhaps not good enough to make it to the “Best …

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Fall 2019: Analysis of Software Engineering Artifacts

This course will explore state-of-the-art automated techniques that make the analysis of various software artifacts, from models to code, cost-effective. Topics include dynamic and static program analysis techniques, test generation, fault localization and debugging, model inferencing, and model checking. The course includes the utilization of the latest research tools and the development of a class project that builds and improves on existing techniques.

Spring 2019: Software Engineering for Robotics

This was the first offering of this course covering specialized software engineering approaches, techniques, and tools for the development of robotic systems. Topics included domain-specific architectures and design principles, modeling robot and environmental states, abstractions for mapping, localization, and navigation, planning, control structures and properties, filtering mechanisms for sensors and actuators, and analysis, verification, and simulation for dependability.


References: (A) Advisor, (CA) Co-Advisor

Current Students

  • Ajay Shankar (CA)
  • Carl Hildebrandt (A)
  • David Shriver (A)
  • Meriel Stein (A)
  • Alumni

    If you should be a part of this list please send me an email!

    1. John-Paul Ore (CA, Ph.D: 8/19) 819)
    2. Balaji Balasubrmanian (CA, MS: 1218)
    3. Jingjing Liang (CA, MS: 518)
    4. David Shriver (A, MS: 518)
    5. Evan Beachly (CA, MS: 1217)
    6. Wei Sun (CA, PhD: 1217) 38.Nishant Sharma (CA, MS: 1017)
    7. Matias Waterloo (A, MS: 816)
    8. Adam Taylor (A, MS: 122015)
    9. Eric Rizzi (CA, MS: 82015)
    10. Hengle Jiang (A, MS: 52014)
    11. Katie Stolee (A, PhD: 82013)
    12. Pingyu Zhang (A, PhD: 82013)
    13. Rahul Purandare (Post Doc – Co-adv, 52013)
    14. Heath Roehr (CA, MS: 52013)
    15. Lucy Wang (CA, MS: 82012)
    16. Daniel Dobos (U)
    17. Javier Darsie (A,MS: 82012)
    18. Rahul Purandare (CM, Phd 42011)
    19. Xin Guo (REU, 52011)
    20. Katie Stolee (A, MS: 82010)
    21. Madeleine Diep (A: 42009)
    22. Zhimin Wang (A: 82008)
    23. Mark Fisher (CA: 82008)
    24. Joe RuthRuff (CA: 52008)
    25. Matt Jorde (A: 52008)
    26. Padma Ashokumar (CA: 122007)
    27. Hui Nee Chin (A: 82007)
    28. Andhy Koesnandar (CA: 52007)
    29. Sandeep Lingam (A: 52006)
    30. Bhuvana Gopal (A: 12006)
    31. Fidel Knowcha (A: 82004)
    32. Madeleine Hardojo(A: 52004)
    33. Ram Kalyan Chilakamarri (A: 52004)
    34. Sameera Reddy(A:72004)
    35. Satya Kanduri (A: 72003)
    36. Praveen Kallakuri (A: 122002)
    37. Srikanth Karre (A: 112002)
    38. Xin Liu (A: 05/2002)
    39. Smita Narla (A: 82001)
    40. David Gable (A: 42001)
    41. Jian Tang (P: 52001)
    42. Lingyun Wang (P: 52001)
    43. Luyin Zhao (P: 52001)

    Undergraduate Advising

    1. Michael Chinn
    2. Derek Tan
    3. Ethan Butt
    4. Mark Nail
    5. Chris Laney
    6. Daniel Lobos
    7. Josh Reed
    8. Nick Steinbaugh
    9. Jon Dokulil
    10. Khoa Le
    11. Tuan Duc Dao
    12. David Friberg
    13. Jared Bakewell
    14. Binh Huynh
    15. Shane Geiger
    16. Ted Whaler
    17. Eric Gruber