CS 462 - Server Environment Information

MySQL Server Information:
MySQL 5.0.18 - MySQL Reference Manual

Using your PHP webspace:
1. SSH into one of the lava machines or cs-tl1 using the unix account provided to you by the department.
2. Create a directory called public_html in your home directory: mkdir public_html
3. Make it readable: chmod 755 public_html
4. Make your directory readable: cd .. and then chmod 755 |your computing id|
5. Put your files into the public_html directory. Your webspace is at http://cs-tl5.cs.virginia.edu/~|your id|

Class Examples:
Also check under Resources in Collab!!!

Download JSP Examples - JSP Example

PHP List Example - phplist.php | Code
PHP Insert Example - phpinsert.html | phpinsert.php | phpinsert.php Code | phpinsert.php Code w/ Prepared Statements
PHP Login Example - loginphp.html | login.php Code

Other Tools and Information:

Commercial Programs for ER diagrams - Mac: OmniGraffle and Windows: Visio

MySQL Workbench - MySQL's DB design tool

Dia - GTK/Linux-based drawing program that contains ER diagraming tools has been ported to Windows

OpenOffice - Open source Java-based office suite, which includes a Visio-type program that you can do diagrams with.

JGraphPad - Diagramming Tool; can be used to create ER diagrams

PHP - Web scripting language that can be used for your project

JSP - Java Server Pages web language that can be used for your project

MySQL - the open-source database management system that will be available for your project

phpMyAdmin - the open-source online database tool that keeps you from having to use the command line tool

General Programming Resources