Activity: Ajax and backend PHP

(no submission)


For this exercise, you may work alone or with another student in this course.

You will incorporate Ajax into welcome.js so that the frontend info.html displays the user's data entry asynchronously. You may create a backend component from scratch or use welcomeMsg.php (text version)

You will implement one of the following options of the JavaScript file (welcome.js).

Please feel free to refer to Ajax overview.

Optional: Apply the idea to your project
Reminder, if you correctly implement and incorporate AJax, interacting with at least one back-end component (i.e., PHPs) of your project, you will receive up to 5 points extra credit on the final exam.

You should consider:

To deploy and test your Ajax component, please refer to Basic web deployment (XAMPP and GCP)

To deploy and test your PHP program use one of the following options:

You may modify your interface the way you like. Get creative. Feel free to add additional elements you feel should be included and have fun!