CS 4750 — Fall 2023

COVID-19 Course Policy

In this course, we will diligently follow all University policy, while also requesting that we respect and care for each other (and our families).
For now:

  • Face masks are optional but highly encouraged in class for the duration of the class meeting
  • No eating or drinking in Olsson Hall 120
  • If you forget your mask, I will have a limited number of disposable masks.
General information:
  • Class meetings will be recorded (link in Canvas > Panopto Video)
  • If you feel unwell:
    • Please stay home and watch the class recordings; the most importance is your health and everyone's health
    • I will happily work with you — if you stay home — to make sure there is no impact to your grade
  • If you have any questions or concerns before or after class, the best way to communicate with me is via email or Piazza.

For more COVID-19 Q&A and links, please see the COVID-19 section of the policies page.

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Class hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:00pm - 12:50pm EST, Olsson Hall 120

Meet the team

CS 4750 staff: Upsorn's picture Upsorn Praphamontripong (instructor)
She/her pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Keith's picture Keith Butler
He/him pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Martin's picture Martin Crow
He/him pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Parul's picture Parul Goswami
She/her pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Prateek's picture Prateek Gunnam
He/him pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Parker's picture Parker Hutchinson
He/him pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Addison's picture Addison Lowman
She/her pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Bailey's picture Bailey Phillips
She/her pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Shriman's picture Shriman Selvamani
He/him pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Richard's picture Richard Wang
He/him pronouns
CS 4750 staff: Claire's picture Claire Yoon
She/her pronouns

We have fantastic teaching assistants for this course. Get to know them!

Our TAs are students too. Let them be students when they are not on the clocks as TAs. Please only contact TAs via Piazza or in person (or via Zoom) during their scheduled office hours, do not contact them via email.

Point of contact

For questions about the content or how to complete the work (for example, How to complete this part of the project?, How to troubleshoot database connection?, How to remove a key from an index?, How to compute F+ or Fc?, ...), please feel free to ask any course staff by visiting their office hours or post on Piazza.

For regrading, please submit a regrade request directly on Gradescope for submissions in Gradescope.

If you have questions or concerns (not regrade) about any of the following aspects, please contact the right point-of-contact by visiting their office hours or making a private post on Piazza. This will facilitate getting your question answered in a more efficient way.

To discuss Please contact
Questions/concerns about submitting, grades/penalties
Claire Yoon, Parul Goswami
Homework assignments
Questions/concerns about submitting, grades/penalties
Martin Crow, Addison Lowman
Questions/concerns about project logistics, submission, presentations, group dynamics
Bailey Phillips
Issues relating to penalties, grading concerns
Claire Yoon, Shriman Selvamani
Issues relating to logistics, course structures, course-related concerns, suggestions
Head TAs:  Keith Butler, Claire Yoon

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