Laboratory 2

Java Programming Basics

Week of 29 August, 2005

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Note: if you are having password problems with the submission system, please do a password reset.  Your new password will be e-mailed to your UVa account.

If you cannot access your home directory, please reset your password here.


This laboratory provides us with our first opportunity to decompose a problem into manageable pieces to solve.  There are two files you will have to submit for this lab: and  You will need to right-click on them, select "Save As...", and save them to your home directory.

Key Concepts

Solving Your A, B, C's

Using Methods

Finishing up

Be sure to log out of home directory when you are done.  Also, please delete any files you have saved on the local computer (but obviously don't delete them from your home directory).  Ask your TA if you have any questions about this.