Laboratory 10

Course Surveys

Week of 25 April, 2005

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For this final lab, you are requested to fill out two separate surveys.  There is no programming required for this lab.  The surveys should not take too long, and you can use the remaining time to complete HW J7.  We are very interested in student feedback, and are hoping that everybody fills out the surveys.  However, we are not forcing you to do so.



The grade for this lab will be based on the submission of the one file, described below.  Whether you fill out the surveys or not, you will get full credit on this lab if you submit the file.  There is no need to edit the file.


Toolkit Survey

The first survey is through the toolkit (here for CS 101 students, and here for CS 101-E students).  The questions for this survey have been chosen by the University and by the Engineering school, as well as additional questions by us.  We will receive the list of all the responses for this survey, as well as the list of those who submitted it.  However, these lists will be separate, so we will not know who submitted which answers, which makes this survey completely anonymous.  If you have already filled out the course survey via Toolkit, there is no need to do it again.

There have been some concerns in the past about the demographic questions that we ask (sex, ethnicity, etc.).  These questions are there because we are interested in gender-related and race-related issues -- a lot of research in the field of computer science education focuses on these aspects.  If you feel uncomfortable filling those out, then leave them blank.


Submitter survey

Please read this entire section through before you start filling out the survey.

The second survey is a number of questions that we have chosen to help us evaluate the teaching assistants.  In order to do this survey, you need to go through the normal submission process for this lab -- the questions on that page are the survey questions (there are a lot more of them this time, though).

If you do not feel comfortable answering these questions in lab, you can submit a lab extension, and complete the survey (and thus submit the file) outside of lab.

In order to fill out this survey, you will need to know who your three teaching assistants are.  The list of teaching assistants for each section is as follows.  The last person listed is the undergraduate teaching assistant.  Pictures of each teaching assistant can be found here.  You may want to right-click on that link, and select "open in new window".

Lastly, the all-important demotivator question!  This is only for CS 101 students.  If you didn't answer it in the Toolkit survey, you can answer it in this survey.  Please select your three favorite demotivators, the full list of which can be found here.  You may want to right-click on that link, and select "open in new window".

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you fill out the survey, and it doesn't accept the submission the first time (you left out your password, etc.), you can hit the back button -- this will have all your previously entered responses there, and you can change what was causing the submission problems, then re-submit the file.

To fill out the survey, you will need to submit one file:  As with the previous lab files, you will have to save it (right click on the link and select "save as") before you submit it. You do not need to make any modifications to the file.


Homework J7

Use the remaining time in the lab to work on HW J7.