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Every year, twenty projects that are currently being sponsored by NSF are asked to present their work in an interactive, personal format during the break sessions and open slots at SIGCSE. The SIGCSE Symposium provides a forum for educators from K-12 through college to discuss issues and new ideas related to the development and implementation of computing curricula, along with other elements of teaching and pedagogy. The goal of the showcase is to share information about programs and research opportunities that attendees might not otherwise hear about. Presenters in the showcase report that they enjoy presenting their work in this format and that the attendees that come through the showcase are interested in learning and interacting with the presenters.

Presentations for 2014

Posted by Mark Sherriff on Jan 13, 2014
NSF Showcase Program 2014
The presentation schedule for the 2014 Showcase is as follows:
Time slot Presenters & Titles
  • Teaching Service-Oriented Programming to CS and SE Undergraduate Students, Xumin Liu, Rajendra K. Raj, Thomas Reichlmayr, Alex Pantaleev, and Chunmei Liu [Poster] | [Slides]
  • Rethinking Software Testing in Undergraduate Education, W. Eric Wong
  • Problets Anyone?, Amruth Kumar [Handout] | [Slides]
  • Mobile Computational Thinking with App Inventor, Franklyn Turbak, Fred Martin, Mark Sherman, Ralph Morelli, Shaileen Crawford Pokress, and David Wolber
  • Hands-on Cybersecurity Exercises in the EDURange Framework, Richard Weiss, Jens Mache, and Michael Locasto [Slides]
  • CS4Alabama: A Model for Statewide Deployment of CS Principles Courses, Jeff Gray, Mary Boehm, Carol Crawford, Kathy Haynie, and Sheryl Packman [Handout] | [Slides] | [Poster]
  • MyCS: Computer Science for the Middle School Classroom, Michael Erlinger
  • REU Site in Computer Systems, Michael Erlinger and Zach Dodds
  • Easily-programmable, highly-capable robots for use across the curriculum, Zack Butler and Rajendra Raj [Slides]
  • Capacity Building through Curriculum and Faculty Development on Mobile Security, Li Yang, Kai Qian, Minzhe Guo, Prabir Bhattacharya, Fan Wu, and Joseph Kizza [Handout]
  • CE21 Special Project: Principled Assessment of Computational Thinking, Eric Snow and Marie Bienkowski [Handout] | [Poster] | [Slides]
  • Undergraduate researchers roles in cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and software engineering, Joseph Urban
  • Research Experience for Teachers: Data Analysis & Mining, Visualization, and Image Processing, R. Mitchell Parry & Rahman Tashakkori
  • Developing a Health Informatics Security and Privacy Program, Xiaohong Yuan, Jinsheng Xu, Hong Wang, Kossi Edoh [Handout] | [Slides]
  • Cyber Security: Cyber First Responder Program, Haydar Sahin [Handout]
  • CABECT: Collaborating Across Boundaries to Engage Undergraduates in Computational Thinking, S. Monisha Pulimood and Kim Pearson
  • Developing Game-Like Instructional Modules to Enhance Student Learning in Lower Level Core Computer Science Courses, Jinghua Zhang [Slides]
  • Building a serious game to teach secure coding in introductory programming, Nicoletta Adamo-Villani
  • Framing a Rigorous Approach to Beauty and Joy for Outreach to Underrepresented Students in Computing at Scale (FRABJOUS), Dan Garcia [Handout]

Sign up to meet with NSF Program Officers

Posted by Mark Sherriff on Jan 13, 2013
Day Time slot Program Officers
Thursday 10:00-11:00 Jane Prey and Valerie Barr
Thursday 3:00-4:00 Paul Tymann and Jeff Forbes
Friday 10:00-11:00 Jane Prey and Harriet Taylor
Friday 3:00-3:45 Paul Tymann
Saturday 10:10-10:55 Jeff Forbes

Contact Info

NSF Showcase Organizers
Prof. Aaron Bloomfield
- Univ. of Virginia

Prof. Mark Sherriff
- Univ. of Virginia

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