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Llvm Distribution built with clang and lldb. Because elements of llvm require a newer GLIBCXX version than is provided by libstdc++ on CentOS, this module also loads the gcc-7.1.0 module.

Using clang-llvm

Loading the Module


[ktm5j@portal01] ~$ module whatis clang-llvm

[ktm5j@portal01] ~$ module load clang-llvm
[ktm5j@portal01] ~$ echo $PATH

Environment Variables

Variable Join Type String Added
PATH prepend /sw/centos/llvm/6.0.0
LD_LIBRARY_PATH prepend /sw/centos/llvm/6.0.0/lib
LD_INCLUDE_PATH prepend /sw/centos/llvm/6.0.0/include
MANPATH prepend /sw/centos/llvm/6.0.0/share/man
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