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Linux Distribution Support

The CS Dept.'s system staff supports CentOS 7.x (based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux) on servers, and Ubuntu on desktops. Requests for other distributions will not be provided. It takes considerable staff time and effort just to keep up to date with the supported distributions, as well as to support software modules for each.

CentOS is an abbreviation of Community Enterprise Operating System. It is developed in tandem with Red Hat Linux, designed to be compatible with the corresponding Red Hat Enterprise Linux release. While associated with Red Hat Inc., CentOS maintains its independence from the corporation. Its development is overseen by a Governing Board made up by a board of 8-11 members and a collection of special interest groups.

Currently there are some SLURM nodes that are still running Ubuntu. We have been migrating all of our server hardware to run CentOS, but this has been a slow process of development and testing to create a stable OS layer.

We will be migrating the remainder of Ubuntu SLURM nodes to CentOS 7

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