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CS hosts a number of network attached printers on the 4th and 5th floors of Rice Hall. There is also an HP Scanner and a Ricoh scanner/copier in the 5th floor mailing room. There is no cost associated with printing, anyone with a CS account can print.

Available Public Printers

Windows Name CUPS Name Printer Model Location Installed Printer Options
printer025printer025Xerox VersaLink B610Rice 525Tray 1, Tray 4, Duplex Unit, Finisher
printer016printer016HP LaserJet 9050dnRice 429Tray 1, Tray 4, Duplex Unit
printer017printer017HP Color Laserjet CP5220Rice 525Duplex Unit
printer018printer018Ricoh Aficio MP 7502Rice 525Large Capacity tray, Multi-hole Punch Unit
printer032printer032Xerox VersaLink C400DNRice 525Duplexer, Color Laserjet

The department hosts a Windows print server. The CUPS server for Unix printing has been retired. Linux systems should print using lpd to the Windows print server.

Print System DNS Address Typical Printer URL
Windows \\\printer025 (Windows) or smb:// (Mac) or lpd:// (Linux)


You must authenticate using your Windows credentials to use Samba printing. From Windows, you need to enter your user name as CSDOM\username. From other operating systems, you may be given a domain field, in which you should enter CSDOM. If no field for domain is available, you may need to enter CSDOM in with your user name like with Windows.

New Public Printer on the 5th floor

We have added a new high capacity printer (“printer025”). Detailed directions for adding this printer on a Windows, Mac, or Linux based desktop can be found at this link: Xerox VersaLink B610

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