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NX Remote Desktop

The CS Dept. has a six server NX/Nomachine cluster available for use by all CS account holders. This cluster consists of a front end server (, and five back end servers (labsrv01-05) providing Linux desktop sessions.

Users can download an NX client onto their laptop or workstation from Then run the NX client and specify as the server to which to connect.

Here are the instructions for using NX in the CS Dept.: nx-setup_v3a.pdf

When you log into an NX session, it's just like you are logging in to any of our Linux servers. You will find your home directory just like anywhere else.

The session servers run CentOS 7x. If you are looking for software once logged in, take a look at our software modules page. You can find a listing of available modules for CentOS here.

If you are a first time CS network user (you've never logged in before), it is best to reset your temporary password on the CS Department portal, THEN login via NX. To do so, open a terminal window and type “ssh <userid>” (for example, “ssh”. You will be asked for your current (temporary) password, then asked to enter your new password, which you will verify. Then start up the NX client and login with your new password.

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