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Welcome to the Computer Science Support Wiki!

This Wiki has information on nearly everything we do - all the computing services and policies provided by the UVa Computer Science Department (not ITS). There are also answers to some of the most common support requests we receive. If you do not find your answer here, please send mail to

Only CS Staff have access to this wiki. Your CS account is for access to servers and other computing resources, you don't need to log in to this website.

News and Updates

SSH Firewall Update We are now blocking SSH traffic for connections from outside of the UVA network. This means that you are no longer able to SSH directly into CS hosts from outside of UVA. However connections to are still allowed from outside of UVA.

See here for more information

-Jul 29 2019

New SLURM queue for GPUs: For a listing of see here. For instructions on using partitions in Slurm see here

-Apr 3 2019

Need to reset your Computer Science Department password?: Use the Password Reset Page to reset your CS account password

Looking for software on Linux?: Please check out our page on Environment Modules and Available Modules

General Information

When you receive a Computer Science user account you get an account that allows you to login to Windows or Linux systems. Your userid is identical to your UVA “NetBadge” userid, but your password is different. When your account is setup, you will receive an email with your account information.



Department Resources

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