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/bigtemp temporary disk storage

Bigtemp is a large filesystem available from our Linux systems. From a Linux server, bigtemp is accessible in the root directory /bigtemp. To store files in this filesystem, create a folder in /bigtemp with the same name as your computing ID.

abc1de@host ~ $ cd /bigtemp
abc1de@host /bigtemp $ mkdir abc1de
abc1de@host /bigtemp $ cd abc1de
abc1de@host /bigtemp/abc1de $ 

You will have ownership of the new directory that you have created. Use chmod to adjust the permissions on this new directory if desired.

Bigtemp is volatile scratch space and not long term storage. It is not backed up. When storage gets low on this volume we will scan through and delete files with the oldest modification time.

SAMBA Access

/bigtemp is available to mount via SAMBA. See here for more information

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