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Windows Server

The server is a general purpose Windows server that provides multiple Remote Desktop (RDS) sessions. The server is running Windows Server 2016. Users can create unique RDS desktop sessions on this server and run Windows applications. This server is useful for students or faculty who need to run a Windows application but do not have a PC desktop or laptop.

The server can be accessed by using a typical Remote Desktop client application. This is freely available from Microsoft for Windows. It is also freely available from the Apple Store for Mac ( Linux users can use Remote Desktop Viewer or Remmina, available through the Ubuntu software utility.

NOTE: if you have just gotten a new CS Dept. account, you will have a default password that must be changed on first login. However, Windows Server doesn't allow a login with a default password. So you have to change the default password somewhere else, typically on our Linux servers. So, open a terminal window, and use “ssh” to “” to change the default password (i.e. “ssh <userid>”, for example, “ssh”). You will be prompted for your current password, and then for your new password. Once you have changed the default password, you can use the Remote Desktop application to connect to “” with your new password.

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