This is the website for the Fall 2023 offering of CS 3130.

You’ll probably find the schedule link above most useful.

1 Learning Outcomes

As a result of taking this course, you should learn

2 Readings

We have created several writeups for this course:

(The original version of these was written by Professor Tychonievich.)

We will augment these with various examples, online articles, and other resources.

2.1 Environment for assignments

The assignments in this class require using a POSIX-like environment (such as Linux). You could either setup a suitable environment yourself or use one of the department machines remotely. If you’re using the department machines, you may find these writeups helpful:

2.2 Old quizzes/exams

[Edited/added here 4 September, along with Spring 2023 things.]

On the study materials link above, you can find some old exams and quizzes.

3 Getting Help

4 Course Staff

Charles Reiss
Office: Rice 205.
Telephone: 434-924-8274
Office Hours: (see office hours page)
Agi Luong, Alexander Davis, Anmol Sandhu, August Bresnaider, Bertram Zhai, Chance Rose, Charlie Fish, Cole Edwards, Daniel Xue, Dennis Tian, Gabriel Gladstone, Han Yan, Hieu, Jiaji Ma, Matthew Haid, Saarthak Gupta, Srikar Gouru, Tavis Palmer, Theo Singletary, (Trevor) Haizhou Yu