Welcome to the work-in-progress class page for CS 3330 – Computer Architecture. This material represents the best current estimate of course flow and content.

Course Content

There are two common expectations that this course does not fulfill:

Instead, you will learn

Relationship to other courses

CS 3330

Attendance, Lectures and Labs

Lectures will be recorded barring technical difficulties, but I think it is much better for most students to attend lectures.

Remote submission of labs is possible, so we do not enforce lab attendance. If you attend lab, of course, you can get help from TAs in person.

Course Staff

Sergiu Mosanu
Office: Rice 326.
Email: sm7ed@virginia.edu
Office Hours: (see calendar below)
Charles Reiss
Office: Rice 205.
Email: creiss@virginia.edu
Telephone: 434-924-8274
Office Hours: (see calendar below)

Please respect the fact that our TAs are also students in other classes, with assignments and so on of their own, and limit your 3330-related contact with them to the times they have scheduled to act as TAs.

Ways to get help (besides emailing)


This is the place to get asynchronous help for almost any issue. Access via Collab or from piazza.com.

Office Hours

Anonymous Feedback

Anonymous feedback, which is available through Collab, is appreciated by at least one of the instructors.

The feedback is really truly anonymous; there is no way we can find out who posted it, so posting things like “you misgraded my homework” there will not be effective.

You will need

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Grading and Academic Honesty

See this page.


If you need any kind of special accommodations, including but not limited to disability, learning needs, illness, or personal circumstances, please contact us as soon as you are aware of these needs. We aim to be as accommodating and fair as possible.

If you are not sure if your situation warrants special attention, ask us.