CS 200 
Computer Science
from Ada and Euclid to Quantum Computing and the World Wide Web
Spring 2003
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Computer Science

from Ada and Euclid to Quantum Computing and the World Wide Web

L-System Fractal

CS200 will be offered again in Spring 2004!
CS200 is open to all University students, but you will need me to sign a course action form to register for it on ISIS if you are not a 1st-3rd year CLAS student. I will sign course action forms for any interested student on the first day of class, or you can find me in my office (Olsson 236A) earlier. CS200 is accessible to students with no prior background in computing (all we expect is that you can send email and browse the web), but experienced CS majors will also find it interesting and challenging.

Classes will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in MEC 341. The course will be similar in style and content to last year's course (the web site is preserved here). For questions about the course, contact evans@virginia.edu.

PS8 Awards
Most Impressive Website: Flash Card Builder for Pictoral Languages
     Chalermpong Worawannotai, Justin Pan, Ed Michell, Qi Wang
Most Valuable Contribution to Community: Hoo Knows Where to Live
     Salvatore Guarnieri, Sarah Payne, Samuel Sangobowale, Grace Chang
Best Presentation: The Adventure Nexus
     Ramsey Arnaoot, Will Brand, Steve Marchette, Patrick Rooney

Thanks to Jerry McGann and Shawn O'Hargan for Judging
Congratulations to all for making excellent PS8 projects!


CS200 Spring 2003 Graduates, 25 April 2003

CS200 Logo Fractal by Chalermpong Worawannotai

Diamonds in the Tree by Patrick Lane and Katrina Salmons

Older Announcements

  • 29 May 2002: UVa Top News Daily, Computer Students Offer Novel Look at Jefferson's Rotunda
  • 11 Nov 2002: We are pleased to offer CS200 again in Spring 2003, MWF at 2-2:50pm. You can get a sense of what the course will be like from looking at last year's course website. For more information, contact evans@virginia.edu or one of the Assistant Coaches: Rachel Dada, Jacques Fournier, Spencer Stockdale and Katie Winstanley.
  • 8 Jan 2003: Last Year's Course
  • 8 Jan: The first class is Wednesday, 15 January, 2:00-2:50 in MEC 339.
  • 15 Jan: Class 1: Slides and Notes; Syllabus, Pledge, Lab Guide, Problem Set 1
  • 15 Jan: SICP (full text online). Pages 1-21 (the reading for PS1) is Chapter 1 through the end of Section 1.1.6. I do strongly recommend that you find or order a printed copy, as it is much easier to read.
  • 17 Jan: Summary of your Registration Survey responses
  • 17 Jan: Class 2: Slides and Notes
  • 17 Jan: There is no class on Monday, 20 Jan in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Students are encouraged to learn something about Dr. King and UVa's history by following the links on Notes 2.
  • 21 Jan: My office hours will be Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30 and Thursdays 4:00-5:00. Send email or talk to me after class to arrange a meeting at another time.
  • 22 Jan: Class 3: Slides and Notes
  • 24 Jan: Class 4: Slides and Notes
  • 27 Jan: Class 5: Slides and Notes
  • 27 Jan: I won't be able to hold my usual office hours this week. If you would like to meet with me, send email to arrange another time.
  • 30 Jan: Class 6 (and 7): Notes (slightly revised from in-class version)
  • 3 Feb: Class 8: Slides and Notes; Problem Set 3
  • 5 Feb: Class 9: Slides and Notes; PS2 Comments
  • 7 Feb: Class 10: Notes (no slides)
  • 10 Feb: Class 11: Slides and Notes
  • 12 Feb: Class 12: Slides and Notes
  • 14 Feb: Class 13: Slides and Notes
  • 17 Feb: Snow Day! — all classes cancelled; PS3 Comments
  • 18 Feb: The ACs will lead a review session on Wednesday, 6-7:30PM in Olsson 228E.
  • 18 Feb: I have received an email from ARA about the treatement we received at the Poolside Cafe in the AFC: my email to ARA; ARA response. We will try and visit the Tree House some future class. I still haven't heard anything from our Athletic Department in response to this letter.
  • 18 Feb: PS4 Comments [Note: Do not look at these until you have turned in PS4.]
  • 19 Feb: Class 14: Guest lecture by Tim Koogle (no slides or notes)
  • 19 Feb: Review Session, 6-7:30pm in Olsson 228E
  • 20 Feb: The Daily Progress has an article on Koogle's visit to Darden (after our class): Innovation forges on, pioneer says (luckily they didn't let press folks into our class so we were able to hear the real scoop)
  • 21 Feb: Class 15: Slides and Notes; 23 Feb: There will be no class on Friday, 28 February. Exam 1
  • 24 Feb: Class 16: Slides and Notes; Problem Set 5
  • 26 Feb: Class 17: Slides and Notes; Exam 1 Comments
  • 2 Mar: Craig Littlepage, UVa's Director of Athletics, has now responded to my letter: [high-resolution jpg scan, 4.5MB] [low-resolution jpg scan, 1.5MB] [all information about this incident]
  • 6 Mar: Additional lab hours for Problem Set 5:
       Monday, 10 March: 7-8:30 PM (Rachel)
       Tuesday, 11 March: 8-9:30 PM (Jacques)
       Wednesday, 12 March: 6-7:30 PM (Katie)
       Thursday, 13 March: 7-8:30 PM (Katie)
       Thursday, 13 March: 8-9:30 PM (Jacques)
  • 10 Mar: Class 18: Slides and Notes; Quiz
  • 11 Mar: From The Onion:
    Rich First-Grader Buys Whole Sheet Of Gold Stars
    BREMERTON, WA — Lakeside Elementary first-grader Max Carr, son of Boeing CEO Robert Carr, used a small portion of his $100 weekly allowance Monday to buy himself a sheet of the gold stars used to reward academic achievement. "I don't get why all the kids work so hard to get good grades just for a sticker," Carr said. "I only got a C-minus on my phonics homework, but Mommy took me to the mall, and now I have 10 gold stars — more than anybody in the whole class." Carr said his "dumb classmates have no idea" that students can simply purchase a sheet of "Great Job!" Mickey Mouse stickers at a store.
  • 12 Mar: Class 19: Slides (includes slides covering the outside part of the class) and Notes
  • 12 Mar: My office hours for Thursday are rescheduled for 2-3pm instead of 4pm. If that doesn't work, send email to arrange a different time.
  • 14 Mar: Lab hours for Problem Set 6:
       Sunday, 16 March: 1-2:30 PM (Katie)
       Wednesday, 19 March: 8-9:30 PM (Jacques)
       Thursday, 20 March: 8-9:30 PM (Jacques)
       Sunday, 23 March: 1-2:30 PM (Katie)
       Sunday, 23 March: 2-3:30 PM (Rachel)
  • 14 Mar: Class 20: Slides and Notes; Charlottesville Music Database (Russ O'Reagan, Spencer Stockdale)
  • 15 Mar: If you already downloaded ps6.zip before 9pm Saturday, it contained the wrong version of listprocs.ss (missing delete). Please download it again to get the corrected version.
  • 17 Mar: Class 21: Slides and Notes
  • 19 Mar: Class 22: Slides and Notes
  • 21 Mar: Class 23: Slides and Notes
  • 24 Mar: Class 24: Slides and Notes
  • 25 Mar: Lab hours for Problem Set 7:
       Wednesday, 26 March: 6-7:30pm (Rachel)
       Thursday, 27 March: 7-8:30pm (Rachel)
       Tuesday, 1 April: 8-9:30pm (Jacques)
       Wednesday, 2 April: 8-9:30pm (Jacques)
  • 26 Mar: Class 25: Slides (not actually used in class) and Notes
  • 28 Mar: Class 26: Slides and Notes; PS6 Comments; R U Like Me? (Spring 2002 PS8 Project by Rachel Dada, Grace Deng, Jacques Fournier and Shawn O'Hargan)
  • 31 Mar: Class 27: Slides and Notes
  • 2 Apr: Class 28: Slides and Notes; College CS Program
  • 4 Apr: Economist's article on PS6 and PS7.
    Technical paper this article is about: Toward an architecture for quantum programming, S. Bettelli, L. Serafini, T. Calarco. (They have Qops instead of quists.)
    If you are interested in real quantum computers, you can come to the Conference on Coding Theory and Quantum Computing that will be held at UVa May 20-24 (UVa students can register for free.)
  • 4 Apr: Class 29: Slides and Notes
  • 9 Apr: Class 30: Slides and Notes
  • 11 Apr: Class 31: Slides and Notes; PS7 Comments, last year's Exam 2, last year's Final
  • 12 Apr: My office hours for this week will be Wednesday, after class - 3:45; Thursday 10am-10:45am; Thursday 4-5pm. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions in class Friday before receiving Exam 2.

Assignments Past Due

  • 16 Jan, 5pm: Course Registration Survey
  • 17 Jan: Course Pledge (bring a signed pledge to class Friday)
  • 22 Jan: Problem Set 1
  • 24 Jan: Read SICP, Section 1.2.
  • 27 Jan: Read GEB, Little Harmonic Labyrinth and Chapter 5
  • 3 Feb: Problem Set 2
  • 5 February: Read SICP, 2.1 and 2.2 (through page 127). You don't need to read the example section 2.2.4, but probably don't want to miss the footnote on page 127 about William Barton Rogers, MIT's founder, who left UVa after too many students were rioting outside his pavillion.
  • Wednesday, 12 Feb: Problem Set 3
  • Friday, 14 February: Read Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Science's Endless Golden Age (not available on-line)
  • Monday, 17 February: email question for Tim Koogle (see notes for details)
  • Wednesday, 19 February: Problem Set 4 [Note: due to the snow day, PS4 will be accepted without penalty any time before the beginning of class Friday.]
  • Friday, 21 February: Exam 1 out
  • Monday, 24 February: Exam 1 due
  • Wednesday, 26 February: Read SICP, Chapter 3, through section 3.3.2 (p. 217-261)
  • 10 March: Read rest of GEB part I (Chapters 2-4 and 6-9, in addition to Chapters 1 and 5 you have already read)
  • Friday, 14 March: Problem Set 5
  • Wednesday, 19 March: Read GEB, Aria with Diverse Variations and Chapter 13.
  • Monday, 24 March: Problem Set 6
  • Monday, 31 March: Team requests for PS8
  • Friday, 4 April: Problem Set 7
  • Tuesday, 8 April: College CS Program Applications Due
  • Friday, 11 April, 11:00 am: Christopher Frost and Michael Peck, Pancakes, Puzzles and Polynomials: Cracking the Cracker Barrel Game. UVa Research and Design Symposium, Rotunda (Location Changed: now at Jefferson Hall).
  • Friday, 18 April: Exam 2 out
  • Wednesday, 23 April, 2:00pm: Exam 2 Due
  • Monday, 28 April (10:55am): Problem Set 8 Due: Submission Form
  • Before 1 May: SEAS Course Evaluation Survey
  • Monday, 5 May (4:55pm): Final Exam Due
  • Before 6 May: CS200 Course Improvement Survey (if you lost your transparency, go directly to the survey)

From Craig Littlepage's letter about the Poolside Cafe incident
CS 200

CS 200: Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
University of Virginia

Circle Fractal by Ramsey Arnaoot and Qi Wang

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