cs6501 Spring 2013

Great Works in Computer Science




DateLeaderTopic (handout)ReadingsAdditional Background
15 JanDavid EvansIntro
17 JanDavid EvansComputable NumbersAlan Turing, On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem (1936)Charles Petzold, The Annotated Turing
29 JanLongze Chen Information Protection Saltzer and Schroeder, The Protection of Information in Computer Systems (1973/1975)
31 JanWei WangOut-of-order execution Tomasulo, An Efficient Algorithm for Exploiting Multiple Arithmetic Units (1967) James Smith and Andrew Pleszkun, Implementing Precise Interrupts in Pipelined Processors (1988)
5 FebDavid Hall Public-key cryptography Whitfield Diffie, The First Ten Years of Public-Key Cryptography (1988) Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman, New Directions in Cryptography (1976)
7 FebLia Besaleva Machine learning Arthur Samuel, Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of Checkers (1967) 1959 Paper
12 FebIvan AlagentchevReturn-Oriented Programming Hovav Shacham, The Geometry of Innocent Flesh on the Bone: Return-into-libc without Function Calls (on the x86) (2007) Discussion
14 FebTian JinInternet Protocols David Clark, The Design Philosophy of the DARPA Internet Protocols Discussion
19 FebYamina ShamsDigital Logic Claude Shannon, A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits (1938) Discussion
21 FebCharles Hearn MapReduce Jeffrey Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat, MapReduce: Simpled Data Processing on Large Clusters (2004) Discussion
26 FebRobbie Hott MULTICS Robert Daley and Jack Dennis, Virtual Memory, Processes, and Sharing in MULTICS (1968) Discussion
28 FebAshwin GaneshChord Ion Stoica, Robert Morris, David Karger, M. Frans Kaashoek, Hari Balakrishnan. Chord: A Scalable Peer-to-peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications (2001) Discussion
5 MarProject Proposals Due
7 MarProject Discussion, Writing
12 MarSpring Break
14 MarSpring Break
19 MarLongze Chen Secrecy Systems Claude Shannon, Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems, 1949. Discussion
21 MarDavid Evans Computable Numbers (continued)Alan Turing, On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem (1936)Charles Petzold, The Annotated Turing
26 MarIvan AlagentchevSketchpad Ivan Sutherland, Sketchpad: A man-machine graphical communication system (1963) Discussion
28 MarYamina ShamsEthernet Robert Metcalfe and David Boggs, Ethernet: Distributed Packet Switching for Local Computer Networks (1976) Discussion
2 AprTian Jin Border Gateway Protocol Matthew Caesar and Jennifer Rexford, BGP Routing Policies in ISP Networks (2005) Discussion
4 AprRobbie Hott The Turing Test Alan Turing, Computing Machinery and Intelligence (1950) Discussion
9 AprMatt Hall Software Engineering Fred Brooks, Mythical Man (sic) Month, Chapter 2 (1975) Discussion
11 AprWei WangLinear Programming Thomas S. Ferguson, Linear Programming: A Concise Introduction (Original: Dantzig, Orden, and Wolfe) Discussion
16 AprCharles Hearn
18 AprAshwin Ganesh
23 AprLia Besaleva
25 AprProject Presentations
29 AprProject Presentations