Lu Feng

Associate Professor
University of Virginia

Current Postdoc

  • Maryam Bagheri (co-advise with Homa Alemzadeh)

Current Ph.D. Students

  • Kayla Boggess

  • Shuyang Dong

  • Ingy Elsayed-Aly

  • Khang Vo Huynh

  • Josephine Lamp (co-advise with Dave Evans)

  • Minjae Kwon

  • Shili Sheng

Former Ph.D. Students

  • Meiyi Ma (co-advised with John A. Stankovic): Graduated in July 2022
    Dissertation title: “Formal Methods Enhanced Deep Learning for Integrated Cyber-Physical Systems”
    First job after graduation: Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University

  • Erfan Pakdamanian: Graduated in May 2023
    Dissertation title: “Predicting and Improving Takeover Performance by a Context-Aware Deep Learning based Assistive System”
    First job after graduation: Human Factors Researcher, Ford Motor Company