Spring 2024

CS 3250 — Software Testing
CS 4750 — Database Systems


CS 1110 — Introduction to Programming (last taught, Fall 2017)
CS 1111 — CS 1111 schedule, Self-paced practice, main CS1110/1111 website (last taught, Spring 2019)
CS 2910 — CS Education Practicum (last taught, Fall 2019)
CS 3250 — Software Testing (last taught, Fall 2023)
CS 4501, CS 6501 — Software Testing (last taught, Fall 2018)
CS 4501 — Design and Implementation of Software for the Web (last taught, Fall 2016)
CS 4640 — Programming Languages for Web Applications (last taught, Summer 2022)
CS 4750 — Database Systems (last taught, Fall 2023)
CS 4980 — Capstone Research
CS 4993 — Independent Study
CS 7993 — Independent Study
CS 7995 — Supervised Project Research

CS-Education resources


Purpose: Facilitate the teaching and learning environment; reduce course preparation time so that educators and learners can focus on other learning-related tasks

The repository consists of materials and resources I have gathered and developed. The resources include, but are not limited to, software development tutorials, software deployment instructions, development and deployment configuration, troubleshooting, programming language practice problems and examples, software artifacts (such as software specifications, software architectures, test plans, test code), and database-related configuration and tutorials. The repository is also available on the CompEdCenter's site.

(Some) activities

Debugging the CS department: Bring our community together – One small step at a time
Black history month: (CS-DEI version) , (public version)