2013-2014 SLP Projects

This page lists the projects that were developed during the fall 2013 and spring 2014 semesters. There are 43 students and 7 projects.

Virginia Piedmont Regional Science Fair

The The Virginia Piedmont Regional Science Fair is the organization that coordinates and runs the science fair in Central Virginia for middle school and high school students.

This project is to develop an online registration system for the science fair. This will allow middle school and high school students, as well as their teachers, to register online; currently, that registration is done via the mail.

The Women's Initiative

The Women's Initiative is a nonprofit that provides "effective counseling services, social support and education to empower women to transform challenging life situations into opportunities for renewed well-being and personal growth." Clients are paired with therapists that work for the Women's Initiative or throughout the community, the latter of which often provide their work pro bono.

This project is to create a client scheduling system. Clients need to be paired with therapists, and often assigned to a limited number of available rooms. Typical scheduling functions (search, find availability, list appointments by therapist, etc.) are desired. Various searches will be necessary (what rooms are available, what are a therapist's appointments, etc.). Information that could identify a client will never be entered into this system.

Building Goodness Foundation

The Building Goodness Foundation builds structures for communities in need. They primarily operate in Haiti (sending hundreds of volunteers there each year) as well as the Charlottesville/Albemarle area. They construct and repair buildings for individuals as well as nonprofits.

The project is a web portal that both allows a means to keep track of project data, as well as a web portal that the volunteers can use to track their efforts, upload pictures, help fund raise, etc.

Rivanna Conservation Society

The Rivanna Conservation Society "safeguards the ecological, recreational, historical, cultural and scenic resources of the Rivanna River and its tributaries. RCS sponsors events and hosts activities throughout the watershed".

This project is a data collection system that allows users to enter data of nature observations in the field via a smartphone app, and have that data collected via a web portal that staff members can then use to display and visualize the data.

Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)

The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) helps homeowners and businesses increase the energy efficiency of their buildings, through such things as insulation, increased efficiency appliances, etc. They perform energy audits of buildings, and use the results to recommend changes to said building.

The project is a data management system that allows LEAP to keep the data from multiple disparate sources in one database; some of the data will be noisy. Data visualization and extracting statistics from the data will be supported as well.

Montanova Stables

Montanova Stables provides horse riding lessons, as well as mentoring opportunities, to school-age children throughout the community.

This project is a system to manage volunteer hours, scheduling of appointments, and horse care. In addition to a web portal, much of this system would be accessed through a tablet (or similar) device, which would necessitate appropriate display and performance on a web page viewed on such a device.

Virginia Organization of Consumers Asserting Leadership (VOCAL)

The Virginia Organization of Consumers Asserting Leadership (VOCAL) is is "a nonprofit organization of people in mental health recovery." They provide support and community; while they may help to arrange client/counselor meetings, they do not provide mental health counseling themselves.

This project is a data management system that allows the staff at VOCAL to keep track of their members, meetings, workshops, and employee data. This system will be used internally only.