2016-2017 SLP Projects

This page lists the projects that were developed during the fall 2016 and spring 2017 semesters. There were 91 students enrolled and 15 projects.

City Schoolyard Garden

City Schoolyard Garden: A management system to coordinate the classes taught throughout the Charlottesville City School system

Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development

Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development: A system to manage the cases and associated communications therein

Georgia's Healing House

Georgia's Healing House: A data management system that will keep track of data about the staff, volunteers, and residents

Madison House: Holiday Sharing

Madison House: Holiday Sharing: A system to manage the sponsors and clients of the Holiday Sharing program at Madison House

Innisfree Village

Innisfree Village: A scheduling system from the various people who live and work at Innisfree

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves & Fishes: A system to perform inventory management, as well as other features

McIntire Botanical Garden

McIntire Botanical Garden: A system to manage the volunteer coordination for the nonprofit.

Cville Meals on Wheels

Cville Meals on Wheels: A system that allows the easy generation and maintenance of route sheets as well as volunteer scheduling management

Paramount Theater

Paramount Theater: A system to manage the logistics of their events (shows)


Pauselab: A system to manage community engagement in proposing and selecting public art projects

Programming Contest System

Programming Contest System: A system to manage the submission and execution of submitted programming contest solutions, as well as the judging thereof

Partner for Mental Health

Partner for Mental Health: A system to manage the collection and reporting of the people who seek their help

Rivanna Conservation Alliance

Rivanna Conservation Alliance: A data collection system that allows users to enter data of nature observations in the field via an offline web page, and have that data collected via a web portal that staff members can then use to display and visualize the data

Therapeutic Adventures

Therapeutic Adventures: A data management system to handle the users that the nonprofit interacts with, along with a web portal that can also handle event registration

UVa Information Security

UVa Information Security: A system to manage the roll-out of invitation-only two-factor authentication for Netbadge