CS Account Password

You have only one username and password to log into any of the CS computer systems. This CS account has the same username as your UVA NetBadge account. However it has a different password, unique to the CS Department. So your NetBadge password will not work for a CS account.

From the Web

Use the Password Reset Tool to reset your CS account password.

From Linux/Windows

The simplest way to change your password is to log into portal and run the command passwd from your shell.

abc1de@portal01 ~ $ passwd
Changing password for user abc1de.
Current Password: 
New password: 
Retype new password: 
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

To log in to a Linux server from Windows, you must first install an SSH (secure shell) application and use it in a terminal window.

If you have a Windows desktop on the CS network (not on wireless), you can change your password by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and select “Change Password”. This will not work for laptops on the wireless network.

See this article on Windows SSH clients for more information.

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