Equipment Purchase guidelines - For Faculty

The University has purchasing agreements with several vendors. These agreements provide the University with a discount and also make ordering of equipment possible via the University's procurement systems.

Currently CDWG (CDW Government) is the University's preferred vendor for computer equipment. So if you are looking for equipment to purchase, consult to determine what equipment is available and at what price.

In some cases, faculty may find that prices on CDWG may be a bit higher than on other sites, but due to the contractual obligation, UVA has determined that this price premium is worth the ease of working with a single vendor. The Dept., in only very rare cases, can purchase low cost items from sites like Amazon, but this is very difficult and should be avoided.

The BEST way to proceed is to send an email to and provide exact specifications for the equipment that is to be purchased. We will then get a quote from CDWG and provide it to you for your approval.

A typical specification might be: HP DL380 server, Two Intel Xeon Gold 4321 processors, 128GB memory, two 600GB hard drives in a RAID 1 configuration.

We've standardized on two server vendors, HP and System76, with HP the vendor of standard servers, and System76 the vendor for GPU servers. Other vendors' platforms either don't fit into our remote management network, have power or cooling issues, or have issues supporting common accelerator options (like GPUs). While Dell, Lenovo, and others make some excellent equipment, standardizing on HP and System76 allows the system staff to stock spare parts for only two vendors platforms, and also reduces the training needed to support multiple platforms.

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