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Globus File Transfer

The Computer Science department supports Globus file transfers for project directories.

Computer Science Collections available for Globus transfer:

  • UVA CS - Project Directories /p/
  • UVA CS - SEAS Project Directories /s/


  1. Begin by creating an endpoint on the machine that you'll transfer data from Instructions .
  2. Log into the Globus website. Please note, use your UVA computing ID and password, not your CS domain credentials.
  3. Using the collection names above, search for the appropriate endpoint. Note, project directories can be the source or destination.
  4. In the 'Path' field, specify /projectname/, excluding /p/ or /s/ as a prefix.
  5. Specify either your endpoint as the source or destination, opposite of the previous step.
  6. Then simply select the files you want to transfer and begin the transfer.
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