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GPU accelerated servers

The department deploys numerous servers that house GPUs for code acceleration. The servers contain 1 to 8 GPUs of various types. See the “Computing Resources” section for a complete list.

These GPU servers are in two groups, general purpose (direct login) servers and servers controlled by the SLURM job scheduler (see the section on SLURM for information on accessing job scheduled GPU servers).

The general purpose servers are named “gpusrv*”, for example, gpusrv08.

You can 'ssh' directly to these servers from portal. For example:

ssh -l abc1de Alternatively, ssh

(Note that if you are opening a terminal on your Mac or PC, your username on the Mac or PC may be different from your CS domain userid. So be sure to include your CS/UVA userid on the 'ssh' command line).

Your home directory is automatically mounted for you upon login. Project directories are also mounted automatically upon access.

Most popular software is already available on these servers, so you do not need to install it. See: Software Modules

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