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Linux: Connecting to Eduroam

In order to connect to the Eduroam wiki network, a digital certificate is needed. The instructions below will outline how to obtain a certificate and then to utilize it for connecting to eduroam.

Obtaining a Digital Certificate

1. If you currently have no network connection, utilize the UVA guest network.

2. In your browser go to and click on the drop down menu.

3. Note, Ubuntu is not listed. Simply select “User-Defined” instead, and then select “Sign In”.

4. Provide your NetBadge information (computing ID and password) to log in.

5. Add to the field “User Description” an identifier for the file of your choosing. Optionally, you may add the MAC address of your machine, but this is not necessary.

6. Once “Create” is selected, you will be prompted to provide a passphrase unique to your digital certificate. Do not loose your passphrase. Once chosen, select “Submit”. This will begin downloading a .p12 file which is your digital certificate.

7. By default, the .p12 file is in the “Downloads” folder. It is recommended to move this to a different location on your machine.

Connecting to Eduroam

1. On your Linux machine, open your wifi interface and select the option menu for Eduroam.

2. Select the “Security” tab.

3. In the “Identity” field, provide your UVA email.

4. In the “Private Key” field, point to where your digital certificate is located.

5. In the “Password” field, you'll need to provide your passphrase you used for your certificate.

6. Apply and connect.

The machine should now remain connected to the eduroam network with your provided digital certificate.

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