Poster Printing

Guidelines for poster printing

  1. Posters are printed Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.
  2. Your printing request must be received at least two working days before you need it. For example, if you make a request on Thursday, the poster will not be printed until the following Monday.
  3. This service is for students in the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Departments. If you are in a different department, your advisor must make the printing request and state the affiliation with the Computer Science Department.
  1. To request a poster, send an email to
  2. The only acceptable poster file format is “.pdf” (Portable Document Format).
  3. Attach the poster's “.pdf” file to the email.
  4. Mandatory: The email's subject line should be: Poster printing: request from {UVA ID}, needed by {Date and time}, size {Arch D or Arch E} with or without tube. For example “Poster printing: request from abc1de needed by August 23, 4pm, size arch D, no tube”
  5. Only Arch D 24“x36” or Arch E 36“x48” poster sizes can be printed.
  6. Specify in the body of the email:
  the title of the poster, for example "My Excellent Groundbreaking Research Findings"
  the size (24x36 or 36x48)
  the orientation (landscape or portrait)
  attach the PDF file

(NOTE: poster paper is 36 inches wide, so only use standard sizes for your poster: ARCH D Portrait or Landscape (24“x36”) or ARCH E Portrait or Landscape (36“x48”). NO OTHER SIZES WILL BE PRINTED

Normal resolution is 300 dpi.

Do not use generic names for your file (like “poster.pdf”). Use a unique name for your file like “abc1de_poster_IEEE_Spring”.

You will be notified by email when the poster is ready.

Posters must be picked from the hallway outside Rice Hall room 007.

Reprint Policy

  1. If we have made an error we will reprint the poster
  2. If your poster HAS NOT YET been printed, you can change the poster, but ALWAYS change the name of change print file. For example, for the file “SansIEEE_EJS3S.pdf”, the changed file should be named “SansIEEE_EJS3S-2.pdf”. Reply to the same email as the original request… do NOT send a new email to

Lost Carry Tube Policy

  1. If you lose a borrowed Carry Tube you must replace it
  2. The University Bookstore has the tube current cost approx. $15.00

NOTE: Off Grounds printing of a poster can be done at Staples or a commercial printer. Students should get prior approval from their faculty advisor if they expect reimbursement for the cost of off grounds printing.

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