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General Information

The computing resources within the UVA CS department allow for remote code development. Typically, software used is either VsCode by Mircosoft and JetBrains Gateway. Generally, if a IDE program allows for accessing a resource via SSH, you will be able to use it to develop code remotely on a CS resource (assuming the CS resource allows for SSH access, for more info, see SLURM).

General Instructions

To avoid documentation here becoming outdated, please also refer to the VsCode or JetBrains Gateway documentation for setting up a connection.

Please note, if you're attempting to connect to a server that is not portal or uportal, you must have a UVA IP. This implies that you must be on grounds to access a server directly, or, you must use a UVA ITS VPN Connection. Else, you will only be able to connect to portal or uportal. Most IDE software does not have a jumphost option, but if yours does, see UVA CS Jumphost.

Remote development tools also work with the shared software installed under /sw/, which is available on all CS servers. For example, Python interpreters are found under /sw/centos/python/current/bin/python3 or /sw/ubuntu/python/current/bin/python3 depending on the OS of the server you're connecting to.

To connect an IDE to a server, the information you enter will be identical to an SSH command.

  • In your IDE of choice, open the menu to enter connection details
    1. Hostname: <server name>
    2. Username: <your computing ID>
    3. Password: <your CS dept. password>

Once you have finished, ensure you disconnect the remote session to free resources. This does not mean simply exiting out of your IDE. You must disconnect the session.

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