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CS Web Server

The Computer Science department runs a web server for, and everyone who has a CS account gets space to host personal web pages. This web server is capable of executing php code.

Your site will be hosted under the domain name. The URL path to your web space will be In Unix/Linux, ~username is a special string that will expand to the path to your home directory. The web server sees this path and translates it to the location where your web files are stored.

In your home directory, there is a folder called public_html/. If we put a file called site.php into public_html/, we can then browse to

You may be tempted to create a symlink in your web space that points to a file in another user's home directory, or some other location. This will in fact work, however if the other user leaves the department or moves to a different storage partition, your site may break because the target file has moved.

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