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Adding new Xerox Printer

This new Xerox printer is ready to be be used, but it is on our new print server. Below are directions on how to add the printer which is hosted on:



In windows you can simply open file explorer and in the file path type \\ and hit enter. It will show you a list of printers, simply double click printer025.

Alternatively you may follow these steps to add it manually:

  1. Click on the start menu and click on the settings cog on the left hand side, above the power button.
  2. Click devices, and on the left hand side click Printers & Scanners.
  3. Click the + button that says Add a Printer and let it search.
  4. If printer025 doesn’t appear on the list (it most likely wont) scroll down and click the blue “The printer that I want isn’t listed” link.
  5. Click the the box that says select a shared printer by name and type the printers path: \\\printer025
  6. Press next to add it, then next to confirm the name, then press finish.
  7. Enjoy your new printer!


  1. Drivers for the printer can be found here:

Select your version of OSX from the drop down box and download the appropriate driver.

  2. During the driver install skip searching for printers and press continue to finish installation.
  3. Click the Apple logo → System Preferences → Printers and Scanners
  4. Click the + Button 
  5. Click the advanced Cog 
  6. Click the Type drop down menu and select “Windows printer via spoolss”
  7. type in the url: smb://
  8. Name it a friendly name (like printer025)
  9. For Driver pick select software, then search for “Xerox VersaLink B610”
  10. Select the configure option and make sure the finisher is installed.


  1. Open the printer configuration utility and select Add Printer.
  2. Select Manual URI and enter: lpd://
  3. Select “Manually Provide a PPD file” and use the PPD file linked below. Be sure to unzip the file with tar!
  4. Name the printer and be sure to uncheck “share this printer.”


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