David Evans' Talks
(Mostly) Non-Technical Talks for General Audiences

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On Being a Professor

How to Live in Paradise
Oysters of Advice for New and Disgruntled Faculty, USENIX Security 2014 Doctoral Colloquium (Keynote Talk), San Diego, 21 August 2014. [Slideshare]

On Social Justice

Jobs for Human Beings, 2029-2059
Talk (and panel) at Adult Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, fundraiser for the Academy of Hope (organized by The Great Courses) with Dexter Manley, Kavitha Cardoza, Nicole Smith, and Ellen Scully-Russ. McLean, Virginia. 23 September 2019.

Updated and expanded: Jobs for Human Beings, 2032–2062, Human-Machine Intelligence Seminar. Charlottesville, Virginia. 17 March 2022.

Truth, Social Justice (and the American Way?)
First ACM Workshop for Women in Cybersecurity (Affiliated with ACM CCS 2017). Dallas, Texas. 30 October 2017. [SpeakerDeck]

On Privacy

Meaningful Privacy for Federated Learing (the Dragon who owns the Room)
Google Seattle. Workshop on Federated Learing and Analytics. 17 June 2019. [Annotated Talk]

On Finiteness

On the Non-Equivalence of the Kleene-* and Kleene-X Operators [Video]
(with Dorina M. Evans). First International Conference on Hygenic Computing, Gesundheit Institute, 12 March 2013.

On Open Education

MOOCs, KOOCS, and SMOOCHs (or, Reports of the Death of Traditional Higher Education Have Perhaps Been Slightly Exaggerated)
Tech-Connect, Harrison-Small Auditorium, University of Virginia, 1 May 2013. [Slides: PDF, PPTS, SlideShare] [UVaToday Article]

On Giving Talks

Meta Talk: How to Give a Talk So Good You'll Be Asked to Give Talks About Nothing
Jefferson-Madison Regional Libary In-Service Day. 11 November 2011. [Summary] [Slides: PPTXPDF]
Meta Talk: How to Give a Talk So Good There Will Be Pizza Left for You [PPT] [PDF] [Notes]
Talk to University of Virginia Theory Lunch, 25 January 2007.

On Cryptocurrencies

Demystifying the Blockchain Hype
#hashtagzero Meetup, Willow Tree Apps, Charlottesville, VA, 25 October 2016. [Speaker Deck]
Trick or Treat?: Bitcoin for Non-Believers, Cryptocurrencies for Cypherpunks
DC-Area Crypto Day, Johns Hopkins University, 30 October 2015.

On Electronic Voting

Hard Facts about Soft Voting [PPT] [PDF]
Talk to League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, Virginia, Blacksburg Town Hall (also broadcast on local television), 15 November 2006. [Roanoke Times story]

On Computer Science

What Every Hacker Should Know about Theory of Computation
Hacker School (eBay's office), New York, 13 October 2014.
Big Words, Busy Beavers, and the Cake of Computing
Tapestry 2009 Workshop (for high school computing teachers), University of Virginia, 15 July 2009 [PDF] [PPTX]
Turing Machines, Busy Beavers, and Big Questions about Computing [PPT] [PDF]
Talk to College Science Scholars, 12 September 2007. (Partly inspired by Scott Aaronson's essay Who Can Name the Bigger Number?.)

Curing Cancer with your Cell Phone: Why All Sciences Are Becoming Computing Sciences [PPT] [PDF]

Talk to College Science Scholars, 6 September 2006.
1001 Things Every Self-Respecting Computer Scientist Should Know [PPT] [Notes]
Senior Seminar (CS 390) talk, 14 April 2004.

On Cryptography

Engineering Cryptosystems
Four-session introduction to understanding and building secure cryptosystems targeted to software engineers and project managers without previous background in cryptography, developed for MicroStrategy, Inc., and given at the AMC Movie Theater in Tyson's Corner Mall, Falls Church, Virginia in October 2013.
Cryptography in World War II
Four general-audience talks on cryptography, centered around code-breaking efforts during World War II. Taught as a course for the Jefferson Institute for Lifelong Learning, February-March 2006.
Encryption: How it works, why it (sometimes) doesn't, and what it can do [PPT] [PDF]
Guest lecture in UVa Law School Cyberlaw course on encryption, 19 September 2001.

On Security

Who's Talking to You Browser?
Cybersecurity Awareness at UVA, Commonwealth Room, 7 December 2016. [Speaker Deck]
What Every Librarian Should Know about Computer Security
In-Service Day talk to Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, Charlottesville Doubletree, 11 November 2009. [PDF] [PPTX]
What Every Human Should Know about Security [PDF] [PPT, 18MB]
UVa cs290 Seminar Talk, 21 February 2008.
What Biology Can (and Can't) Teach Us About Security [PPT] [PDF]
Invited talk at USENIX Security Symposium, San Diego, August 12, 2004.
Robin Hood and the 40 Million Thieves [PPT]
Talk on File Sharing for UVa Pugwash Meeting, 6 October 2003.
Why You Should Be Paranoid About What Comes Into and Out Of Your Computer
Engineering Week talk, 21 February 2001.