CS 453 - Assignments

Homework 5

  • See slides (link below) shown in class explaining HW4 and HW5.
  • Give me topic by end of class, Friday, July 31.
  • HW5 due on Weds., August 5, at 8pm.

Homework 4: Larger Project such as E-Store

  • Slides shown in class explaining HW4 (and HW5 too) (PPT)
  • You can work in groups up to three students.
  • If not doing e-store application (see below) see slides. You must write up a description and we must have a preliminary OK from me on this by end of class, Weds., July 29.
  • HW4 due Monday, Aug. 3, at 8pm.
  • E-Store Description (PDF)

Homework 3: Secret Message Drop

Homework 2: JavaScript and Credit-card Verification

Homework 1

  • Description: (Powerpoint)
  • Due: Mon., July 13, 8pm
  • Submit at the Collab site here.
  • Sample case studies from previous semesters:
  • Companies chosen so far:
    • Woot (Andrew Baker, atb6y)
    • ThroneIt (Jesse Colton, joc3g)
    • Flickr (Andrew Wang and Jeff Kusi)
    • Netflix (Daniel Overstreet, dho2b)
    • Talkster (Christina)
    • Elance (Xavier)
    • Craigslist (Jonathan)
    • Buy.com (Cameron)
    • Webvan (Richard)
    • RedOctane (Jovian)
    From Fall 07: Older than Fall 07: