Course Announcements / Events

Summer 2009 course:
Tue., August 4 - News:
  • Info on Exam 2 is here.
  • Office Hours on Weds.: 1-3pm.
  • Extension! At the review session, we decided that HW5 wouldn't be counted late if it was submitted by 8pm on Friday.
  • PHP "Lab" is here:
  • Exam 1 on Monday -- see notes page for slides and info.
  • All HWs now posted.
  • HW3 is due Monday, July 27.
  • Look at HW4 (bigger project!) and HW5 (individual, choose your own topic).

Course Staff

Instructor: Tom Horton
Office: 228B Olsson
Phone: 434-982-2217
Email: horton(AT)

Teaching Assistant: None for Summer 09