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HW2 - Circuits

Fill out the worksheet handed out in class. If you were not there, please print out homework2.pdf and fill it out.


For this homework only: As is commonly done1 on math-worksheet-like assignments, you may collaborate with other students in this class. As an exception to the usual collaboration policy, you do not need to tell us about casual interactions of the “I got \(X\), what did you get?” variety. But do cite any close collaboration or major corrections; for example if the answer to the above hypothetical was “I think \(X\) is wrong, here’s why” and then you change your answer, add a note like “mst3k suggested this answer” next to your answer. However, we expect that everyone will work on the assignment to better understand circuits, so you may not directly copy another student’s answer.

This exception does not apply to sources other than other students in this course. Websites, outside tutors, etc., are still subject to our plagiarism rules.

As always, we reserve the right to request you explain your solutions to us and may penalize you if it appears that you did not understand what you submitted as your work.


Upload your completed assignment to Gradescope by 11pm Monday, February 13, 2022. Note the earlier deadline!

  1. It is not clear to us that this is commonly allowed per course policies, but it is commonly done

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