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CS696 - Graduate Student Orientation

CS696 - Graduate Student Orientation, Fall 2004

The purpose of this seminar is to rapidly acclimate incoming CS graduate students with respect to all issues related to productivity, research, and professional responsibilities. Everyone who is interested in the topics below may attend these lectures, including all faculty, students, and staff.

Professor in charge: Jack Davidson

  • CS Graduate Student Group

    Orientation first week schedule (Fall 2004)

    University academic calendar

  • Useful information for new students

  • Graduate advisor blank Matching forms for faculty and students

    First-Year Course Advisors

    First-year course advising will take place on Tuesday, August 31, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 and 2:00 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. in Olsson 228E and 236D The graduate first-year course advisors are:

    Tea Time

    There will be a Tea Time every Friday at 4:00 in the conference room (229E). Any Department member can volunteer to be a Tea Time host over the coming year.


    Reading Assignments

    The following are required readings for CS696:

  • Excellent advice about graduate school life (please read this by September 10)

  • For each speaker listed below, please read (prior to the talk date) the Web site linked from the talk topic.

    Schedule (Tentative)

    All CS696 meetings described below are from 3:30-5:00pm, Mondays and Wednesdays in Olsson 009, unless indicated otherwise below.

    Names with an asterik (*) by them are confirmed dates; all others are still flexible and may still be moved around.

    Date Speaker Topic (please read before each talk)
    Sept 1 Jack Davidson * Graduate school / research / finding an advisor
    Sept 6 Kevin Skadron Research presentation
    Sept 8 John Knight Research presentation
    Sept 13 Kevin Skadron Research presentation
    Sept 15 Andrew Grimshaw Research presentation
    Sept 20 Mary Lou Soffa CRA-W Presentation
    Sept 22 Tarek Abdelzaher Research presentation
    Sept 27 TBD Research presentation
    Sept 29 Sang Son, Malathi Veeraragahavan Research presentations
    Oct 4 Scott Brandt, UC Santa Cruz Colloquium
    Oct 6 Dave Brogan Research presentation
    Oct 11 Reading Holiday No meeting
    Oct 13 David Luebke Research presentations
    Oct 18 Dave Evans, Paul Reynolds Research presentation
    Oct 20 Marty Humphrey Research presentation
    Oct 25 Richard Anderson, University of Washington Colloquium
    Oct 27 Alf Weaver, Jim Cohoon Research presentation
    Nov 1 Malathi Veeraraghavan Research presentation
    Nov 3 TBD TBD
    Nov 8 Chenxi Wang (cancelled) Colloquium
    Nov 10 Gabriel Robins Research presentation
    Nov 15 Jack Davidson Research presentation
    Nov 17 Dee Weikle Research presentation
    Nov 22  TBD  TBD
    Nov 24 Thanksgiving Holiday  No meeting
    Nov 29  Mary Lou Soffa Research presentation
    Dec 1  TBD TBD
    Dec 6  TBD TBD 
    Dec 8  TBD Last day of classes

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