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Monday, Apr. 28 - 40. Review
Wednesday, Apr. 30 - Bonus Review Session @ 10:00AM in THN E316
Friday, May 2 - FINAL EXAM @ 9:00AM
FINAL EXAM TOPIC LIST - Version 3 - Last Update @ 5/1 10:30AM

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Prof. Mark Sherriff / Office: Olsson 228-A / Phone: 982-2688 / Email: sherriff(AT)cs.virginia.edu
Office hours: MWF 1:00-3:00 pm or by appointment

Teaching Assistants:
Kirti Chawla
Ke Dang
Meghan Knoll
Oleg Krogius
Dave Willett
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TA Office Hours: Collab Calendar - Office hours held in Small Hall Lab