CSC 150 - Programming Tips


Setting up your Home Directory

All of your PHP code for this class will go in your UVa Home Directory. Inside the Home Directory, you will see a directory called "public_html." This directory holds all the files that can be access on the Internet on your computing ID) website. For more information on setting up your Home Directory or connecting to it, please go to

PHP References

All online references on programming in PHP will be placed here:

PHP Examples

Using a form with PHP: Test the code! | HTML code | PHP code
PHP List Example - phplist.php | Code
PHP Insert Example - phpinsert.html | phpinsert.php | phpinsert.php Code
PHP Login Example - loginphp.html | login.php Code

Downloading HUGS

Windows: WinHUGS
Mac: If you are using Boot Camp, Parallels, or Fusion, you can use the Windows download. If you would like to use the native Mac version, Prof. Sherriff can install it for you during office hours.

Downloading HEAT

HEAT is the Haskell Educational Advancement Tool and will help you learn the language. It works for both Windows and Mac (but requires that you have HUGS installed first!). Once you have installed HUGS, donwload the program here: HEAT Download.
Our sincere thanks to Kent University for this wonderful program!