CS 150 - Regrade Policy

Think there's been a mistake on how an exam or homework was graded? Feel you deserve more points than you received? We are very happy to give you the chance to make your case -- we want every student to get every point they have earned! Here's the policy and procedure for how we'll handle this in our course. Read and follow this, please.

Homework Grade Issues:

See your Head TA with any question or concern you have. Each of them have office hours each week. Also, the class website has links you can use to email them.

After meeting with your TA, if you still disagree with your grade or have any other problem, do not hesitate to come talk to your Instructor.

Exam Grades:

Exam Answer Keys

Key for Test 1
  1. Deadline: Exam appeals must be re-submitted within 2 weeks after the exam is first returned to the class!
    (For the final exam, the instructor will probably email you a different deadline.)
  2. Important: Double-check our math and data-entry! There's a small chance that we added up the total points incorrectly, or we might have mis-entered your score into the system. It's always a good idea to check our sum for the total points, and then make sure the right value appears in the grade-book system used in the class. If you find this kind of error, just show your paper to your Lab Coordinator (Head TA) who will get this fixed -- you don't have to talk to the Instructor.
  3. Important: Consult the key! In order to understand why you lost points, you really do have to consult the key or exam explanation that has been distributed by the instructor. With very large classes, we have to grade and return exams quickly, so graders just mark scores and don't write explanations on your papers. (They work from a key developed by the instructor, and we do other things to make grading consistent.)
  4. If you don't understand the answer on the key or want more explanation, talk to the Instructor after class or during office hours. We want to make sure you learn from the exam, even if your grade was done properly.
  5. After looking at the key, if you think your grade wasn't done properly, do the following:
    1. On a piece of paper, write down the number of the problems you want us to look at, and briefly state what the problem is. Be specific, and you must tie this to what the expected answer was, as shown on the key.
      • Don't just say things like: "Please look at Question 3" or "I think I deserve more points on Question 3."
      • Do say things like: "I do have all three parts for Question 3 that are shown on the key", or "My explanation is another way of saying the key's answer", or "The key says this was worth 5 pts and you took off 8 points."
    2. Attach this cover-sheet to your exam, and get it to the Instructor. You can leave it in his or her mailbox in Olsson 239 (across from the CS office, Olsson 204), or give it to him or her at class, or give it to your TA in lab to pass along, or come to office hours.
    3. If you think your paper has not been graded fairly compared to another student's, then it's possible that a mistake was made in the other student's favor -- we won't penalize that other student for our mistake, but we will apply the grading criteria as it was intended to your paper. So you might not get the benefit of the mistake we made on the other person's favor. Exceptions to this may be made if some large-scale inconsistency has occurred.
    4. If you ask us to re-examine a problem, we'll re-grade it completely as if it had not been graded before. So we may find problems that were not noticed before. We won't give you a lower grade than you had before on that problem, though.

  6. We'll return you exam with our changes marked on the cover sheet as soon as possible. If you'd like to talk more about this we return the re-graded exam, we'd be happy to do so! Come see the instructor during office hours or after class.
  7. If you get a new score, please help us out and double-check that we entered the updated score into the grade-book system used for the class.