CS 8501: Special Topics in Computer Science - Scalable Processor Architectures

Instructor: Kevin Skadron
Class meetings: MW 3:30-4:45 in MSB 125
Instructor office hours: Mon-Thurs 1-2 and by appt.

Prerequisite: CS 6354 or equivalent
This course will count toward breadth under the "Computer Systems" area for CS students and under Area I, "Hardware" for CPE students.

This course will survey classic and recent research in parallel computer architecture with a focus on the design of future, scalable, parallel microprocessor architectures and limiting physical constraints such as power, thermal, and variability phenomena. The course will consist of paper readings and presentations, surveys of classic and contemporary systems, and a term project.

Sample topics:

The project will be a research project.  Group projects are encouraged.  The topic and plan for the project should offer the potential for publication.

The course grade will be based approximately on:

Honor code terms: All work must correctly attribute sources.  All group work must represent equal effort from all partners--deviations from equal effort must be documented and should be discussed with me first.  Projects must represent original work.

Readings/topics (pointers to these papers are available from the Collab under "Resources" and additional relevant readings are sometimes listed on the course wiki):

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