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Network Printing

CS hosts a number of network attached printers on the 4th and 5th floors of Rice Hall. There is also an HP Scanner and a Ricoh scanner/copier in the 5th floor mailing room. There is no cost associated with printing, anyone with a CS account can print.

* Windows 11 laptop users * Windows no longer allows direct access to printers. See the Papercut Printing section on the main page.

Available Public Printers

Printer Name Printer Model Location Installed Printer Options
printer016HP LaserJet 9050dnRice 429Tray 1, Tray 4, Duplex Unit
printer017HP Color Laserjet CP5220Rice 525Duplex Unit
printer018Ricoh Aficio MP 7502Rice 525Large Capacity tray, Multi-hole Punch Unit
printer025Xerox VersaLink B610Rice 525Large Capacity tray, Tray 1, Tray 4, Duplex Unit, Finisher
printer032Xerox VersaLink C400DNRice 525Duplexer, Color Laserjet

The department uses a Windows print server. Linux and Mac users print using lpd (Line Printer Daemon) through the Windows print server.

Print System DNS Address Typical Printer URL
Windows \\\printer025
Mac lpd://
Linux lpd://

All printers that are available for network printing have a label on them in the form of 'printerXYZ'. Simply replace 'XYZ' with the specific printer number you wish to use with the URL format given above.

Windows instructions

To add a printer on Windows 10 or 11, navigate to 'Printers and Scanners' under Windows settings. Select 'Add a printer or scanner'. After a few moments of populating printers from network discovery, you will be able to manually add a printer via the 'printer wasn't listed' button. From here, add a printer using the notation listed below in the 'Select a shard printer by name' field. Substitute 'printer025' with your desired printername. You should see a confirmation message upon successful install. Windows uses the “smb” protocol to print. This requires you to authenticate using your Windows credentials. Enter your user name as CSDOM\username. If this process fails, you can contact support at

MAC instructions

Mac users print using the lpd (Line Printer Daemon) protocol through the Windows print server.

To add a network printer, open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left corner. Select Printers and Scanners. At the bottom of the list of printers, click the “+” button to add a printer. Click Advanced (if this icon is not shown, right-click any white space at the top of this window, select “Customize Toolbar”, and drag the “Advanced” gear icon to the toolbar, then click Advanced). Wait until a search for printers completes. Then add the printer by Selecting Type to be “LPD/LPR Host or Printer”, Device to be “Another Device”, and URL to be lpd://<number>, for example lpd:// For Name, specify “printer<number”, for example “printer025”. You can enter a location (like “Room 211”), then for Use, choose “Generic Postscript Printer”. Click Add.

The printer has now been added, and you can print to it.

High Capacity Public Printer on the 5th floor

There is a high capacity printer (“printer025”) in the 5th floor mail room (room 525). Detailed directions for adding this printer on a Windows, Mac, or Linux based desktop can be found at this link: Xerox VersaLink B610

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